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This company was founded on the 20th July, 2012 by Regina Igho Jideonwo. Ginai integrated ventures limited is a leading provider of logistics and transportation solutions across the globe. The company over the years has been delivering efficient service and has evolved into a global brand known for its personalized services and innovative multi-service delivery. With a global shipping coverage, Ginai ventures provides various logistics and transportation services cutting across United States, India, China, Germany, Canada, India, Dubai, Turkey, United Kingdom (United Kingdom), South Africa, Brazil, Spain, Poland, France, and Italy. Shipments can be arranged in other countries / regions in Africa, Asia, America, Africa and Europe.

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We provide a fast and easy way to transport goods from one destination to another, our services ranges from • Less than truck load (LTL) service • Full truck Load (FTL) service • Dedicated van/truck for a complete transportation management service


Since 2012, Ginai Integrated Venture Limited has provided thousands of maritime consulting services to different customers in five major markets. With years of experience and expertise, Ginai Integrated Ventures understands how to best position people and capabilities within specific market disciplines in order to provide the best service to our customers. Our markets include: Oil and Gas-(FPSO, FSU and Impact Assessment) Ports and Terminals-(Oil and Gas/LNG Dredging, Terminals and Shipyards) Government-(Federal and State Regulations) Infrastructure-( Asset linearity, submarine cables, coastal development and marine mining) Marine –(ship and marine transportation)


If you need to rent a high-quality barge or related equipment like boat vessel, Ginai Integrated Venture is your best choice. From block barges to dredgers and everything in between, Ginai Integrated Venture, backed by years of experience, has the equipment you need. Read on to learn more about our services. Contact Ginai Integrated Venture to request a quote or any questions or comments you may have.


We provide designated barge transhipment services upon customer request. This includes Tincan and Apapa bills of lading. As with other transfers, we work with all relevant stake holders to ensure that the correct documents are provided in advance. • Full Import to Base One (TICT extension under Tincan Customs Command) • Full Import to KLT (Bonded Terminal under Pan-atlantic Customs Command) • Full Export from KLT • Empty Return from KLT


Along with transportation control, we also handle empty containers in the supply chain to ensure that containers are delivered on time, in the correct quantity, and to the correct location.


Together with our various shipping and logistics partners we Import and export to over seventy Nations of the world, USA, Canada, Italy, China, Lithuania, Poland, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland , Demark, Japan and many more. Simply let us know your requirement and destination using the "get quote" button


Frequently Asked Questions

We haven't been able to figure out why Ginai ventures isn't an option. We are your transportation advisers, not just a transportation business. We will not overpromise, oversell, or fail to keep you updated. Ginai Integrated ventures limited  is a one-stop shop for all of your transportation needs.
Incoterms are three-letter codifications defined by the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris that contain all important information about the shipper's and consignee's duties in relation to a delivery. We will usually know all applicable services that we will need to supply for your delivery based on the Incoterms agreed upon between you and your customer or supplier. For example, EXW, EXW, EXW, EXW, EX
There is the option of manually tracking each shipment with a tool dedicated to each mode of transportation, but with Ginai ventures, tracking is done in one method alone, independent of the kind of shipment — proactive tracking. By email, sms, or phone, our agent in charge of your transport will keep you informed about the progress of your cargo and any pertinent statuses. We'll keep track of your shipment.
For cargo crossing international borders, customs clearance procedures are needed by law. The EU space, however, is an exception, as cargo can freely move between countries. Our estimates include brokerage services, however you must pay the VAT and duty owed by your firm for importing cargo directly to the Customs department. The value of the items is applied to the VAT and duty for a specific product.
There are virtually no restrictions; each cargo has its own solution. However, in order to receive a sustainable, quick, and convenient quote, your cargo must be packed on regular pallets (12080 base), with individual parcels weighing less than 70 kgs, have the origin and destination postal codes, the required transit time, cargo content and value, and be clearly specified.


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